A city that thinks like the Web

Following up on Anthony’s post about last week’s City of Toronto Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 Summit I thought I’d share this fantastic presentation by Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, on how the City of Toronto “might think like the web.” In it he outlines how the structure and principles of participation that underpin Mozilla might be mimicked to create an open, transparent and participative municipal goverment.

He ends his presentation with three simple challenges to City Hall:

  1. “Open our data. transit. library catalogues. community centre schedules. maps. 311. expose it all so the people of Toronto can use it to make a better city. do it now.
  2. Crowdsource info gathering that helps the city. somebody would have FixMyStreet.to up and running in a week if the Mayor promised to listen. encourage it.
  3. Ask for help creating a city that thinks like the web. copy Washington, DC’s contest strategy. launch it at BarCamp.”

The Mayor committed publicly to making many of these happen, which is great, but action will also need to come from the public… So who’s setting up Toronto’s version of FixMyStreet?


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