Defining accountability in global governance

For when you’re really bored and in the mood for some semi-philosophical analysis of how the world is governed:

From a forthcoming edition of the Canadian Journal of Globalization –

Dan Herman Polity without demos: defining global accountability in global governance.

This article examines how global governance is constructed and held to account for its various constituent parts, and notes that as the geographic scope of cause and effect widens, and as the mechanisms for their governance is increasingly structured along multi-level and networked lines of authority, accountability becomes ever more challenging given the presence of still undefined polity. This forces scholars of global governance not only to question the design, actors and structure of global governance, but also to investigate the deeper meanings of global governance in relation to power, identity and ethics. This paper endeavours to look at both sets of issues, and in the process argues that global governance cannot exist as an accountable mechanism of rule without an overarching commitment to global ethics that has so far escaped its reach.